• cloud

    Infyz presents the most advanced Terminal Operating System (TOS) to manage cargo operations and primarily aims to schedule, organize and control the cargo movement & storage utilization such as Dry Bulk, Break Bulk, Liquid Bulk, RORO, Mixed Project cargo and Containers

  • technology
    Products built on standard technology with open interface and cloud support, configuration driven to access real time information on mobile and other handheld devices
  • bulk
    Best in class solution to support complete automation of a bulk terminal, with advanced planner includes hatch wise discharge planning, storage planning and dispatch planning
  • container
    Technology driven to support enhancements like EDI Capabilities, System Intelligence, 3D Yard Layout and other extensive planning features for storage optimization
  • RoRo
    Proven TOS solutions: Backed by the multiple live installations, Built in Interface to automate Port Equipment and Gate Controls
  • liquidbulk
    Optimizing Business Processes for enterprise to stay ahead in the competitive markets and enduring services to monetize on every opportunity to explore in modern business